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Heat Seal Pineapple Corer & Peeler


Heat Seal’s efficient commercial grade pineapple corer and peeler is great for food retail supermarkets and grocery store back rooms.  Also perfect for restaurant pineapple processing.  Peel and core pineapples quickly and efficiently with the cutlery grade stainless steel blades.  Our industrial, commercial grade table top pineapple corer and peeler is made from polyboard and stainless steel, the pineapple corer and peeler is easy to clean and resists corrosion

Cuts #8-10 pineapples with stainless steel blade provided.  For other sizes, please contact Heat Seal.

Heat Seal’s unique two-handed lever design helps to reduce workplace accidents.  Two hands must grasp and hold the lever arm in order to allow blade movement for cutting.  Only one hand is needed to lift the arm, so the user can grab the pineapple easily.


  • Cutlery Grade, Nick-Resistant Stainless Steel Blades, with Replacement Blade Available
  • Stainless Steel Blade Will Cut #8-10 Pineapples (~3.75" diameter)
  • Two-handed locking feature
  • Locking Arm Feature, Requires Two Handed Operation
  • Precise Cutting in a Single Fluid Motion
  • Corrosion-Resistant Construction
  • Easy to Clean and Portable
  • NSF Listed Polyboard Base for Sanitary Work Space
  • Tool-less Quick Pin Blade Disassembly
  • Suction Cup Design for Solid Grip to Most Surfaces

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Here is a great company and individuals we are doing more and more business with these days. They have scales, slicers, prep equipment, saws, grinders etc. They sell and service everything they sell...they also assist you in setting up your scales. Many companies in the city just sell you direct with no follow up and training and it has turned out a disaster...I had three stores that had their openings held back because of technical problems .The good thing is that they are fair priced and Mike Mano is one of the outstanding and knowledgeable guys in the business. Everybody has equipment but the right brand, the right price, and the right support is all important. Give them a look at what you need and see how they can save you headaches and money.

- White Rose
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